Does She Like Me? Find Out With These 4 Secret Signs

The age old question that has been asked by men’s everywhere «does she like me?». It is also that same question which drives most men insane, because it is really a question with no ends, as you’ll never really have a real answer, you’ll never know for sure (100%).

Wouldn’t it be nice if she would just tell us? Yes it would but that’s against the very nature of most women. Women are indirect, it has been tough to them ever since they were a little girls. Let the boys talk to you first, don’t let him know you’re interested too easily or he won’t like you, or what a slut she just talk to 3 different guys.

That’s why women use signs, and codes to communicate their interest to men. And it is your job as a man to understand the signals and take it to the next step. So I offer you 4 very simple signs that you can look for from a women that says «I’m interested in you».

Quick Tip: The various of signs that women gives to guys are often very different from one type of girl to the next. It is ideal to find out what type of girl you want to get then approach differently. Use this link to try my friend Vin’s Personality Quiz to what type of girl you’re dealing with.

She Gravitates Towards You

If a woman gravitates towards you, it is a pretty big sign that says «I’m interested in you dummy». This is particularly true with women that are complete strangers to you. The problem is, most men are often stuck in their heads thinking «does she like me?» rather than paying attention to the signs that most women send.

Other than that, I’ve also mislead you a little bit, I used the word «big», but in reality it is actually subtle, but compare to most signs women send, this one is pretty big.

Look for the subtly when woman passes by you while giving you an extra occasion to start conversation with her. She might walk back towards you, or stays within your range just for a little while longer. It is subtle, but once you are aware of it, that would the answer to you quest «does she like me?».
Other times if a woman really wants you to engage her in a conversation, she might walk by you several times in a venue, just so you’ll notice her. Women will always gravitate towards guys that are fun, exciting, and are surrounded by other women.

But don’t be too excited if is happening to you, because it doesn’t mean that she wants to marry you, or take you to bed. It is simply her way of telling you, I’m interested in you, lets chat.

Keep in mind that this will only happens if you’re in a positive mood (vibe), which means you’re having fun and enjoying yourself. Rarely will it happen to someone who’s in their head, and are just having a terrible time, maybe with the exception of very good looking guy.

She Makes Time For You

A few days ago you met a girl, you both seem to enjoy each other, and had a good time. So you decided to call her today to arrange a date to see her again. She picks the phone and you guys begin to plan for next get together. However, after a while both of you realize that you’re schedules aren’t going to work out. So you say something like «I’m busy on all these other days. I’m only available on Tuesday, or it’ll have to be next week!», and suddenly, she tells you she can make time for you on Tuesday.

This is another obvious sign that answers the question «does she like me?». If a beautiful and intelligent woman drops her plan just to see you, she is definitely interested in you. This doesn’t mean she will drop anything for you; she is not desperate (most likely). But if a girl really likes you, and you are genuinely busy she will make time for you.

Sometime girls will play games; they’ll pretend to have a full schedule just to see if you’re going to make time for her. This is actually a good thing; it means she cares enough to want to know if you’re willing to make time for her. Often what you should do in this situation is to stand strong, let him know that you really are busy.

However there are other times when a girl really can’t make time to see you, this doesn’t mean that she’s not interested in you. Do not assume, and give up, she might really have something serious happening in her life. If a girl is going off for a weekend to a faraway country to attend her sister’s wedding, it is unlikely she will drop the wedding to just hang out with you.
Be smart, and measure the situation for yourself, there a time when a girl is genuinely not interested in seeing you again, so don’t be an idiot and keep on pushing.

She’s With You

This might sound ridiculous, but most guys never really consider it, again they are too busy trying to figure out «does she like me?» than to actually think about it. Sometimes the sign can be as simple as her being with you. Unless she’s a needy or manipulative woman, she would be busy doing something else if she wasn’t into you.

Think about it his way, she can do anything she want, go out with anyone she want, but rather she is with you. Now when we talk about her being there with you, it doesn’t only apply to a girl you’re dating, sometimes a girl showing up everywhere in your daily life can also be a sign.

Take this for example: when you’re at a bar doing you own thing, a girl might just come stand next you. Does she like you? Just because she stand beside you? No, but considering her presence as an possible indicator of interest, either way, thinking the girl is into you won’t hurt your chances.
In our society, a woman standing around you is her way of saying that she interested in you. When you think about it, this is as far as she can go to express her interest to a men, because if she would do anymore more than that, her friends and entourage would judge her.

Women have to keep their social value so they have to appear nice, and not easy. So what they usually end up doing has to give you subtle hints that won’t compromise their status. Guys often ask themselves the questions «Does she like me?» too easily, without considering a women’s pressure due to the limitations of our society.

She’s Curious about You

When a man is interested in a woman, he talks about himself, but when a woman is interested in a man, she asks him questions. That’s why women say «men don’t listen», but that’s not our focus for this article. Women in general are way more curious then men, they love to experience new stuff, and if they like you, they want to know all about you.

She wants to know what you do, what you like to eat, what’s your favorite music, and movies, pretty much anything and everything that has to do with you. And it doesn’t just stop there, she’ll be curious of everything you do, and reading into every movement you make. If you think this sounds crazy, but in the world of females, this is what they call «a girls night out».
Seriously what do you think girls talk about for hours and hours with each other on the phone, their jobs, and sports? Of course not, they talk about relationship, and the men they have met or are in their life. With the information they gather about you, they tell their friend, and then spent hours analyzing every little thing that you do. Ladies if you’re offended, I’m sorry but this is the truth.

Do men do this? You know honestly sometimes we would like to, we also wonder if «she» like us or not. But if I call my buddy and talk about my feelings, the phone call would probably last no more than 5 minute if I’m lucky. So instead we bottle up our feelings, and «be a men» as our buddies would suggest.

Anyway if a girl is curious in you, it is definitely a sign that she likes you. But be careful with this one as well, some girls are just curious about everyone, and they just want you to like them to satisfy their ego. They know that us guys are way too into ourselves, so what better way to get you to like her by being curious about you.

Is this manipulative? Yes it is, is it intentional? Some girls are while some girls are genuinely like that. The point is don’t let your ego get in the way, if a girl is curious about you great, but don’t just use that as you’re only way of know whether she likes you or not.