Dealing with a Girl Shit Testing You

Most guys when reading the title will probably be confused, and thinking something along the line of «what? girl test men? How?» And I’m here to tell you that of course they do, and they do it all the time, especially the attractive ones.

But before you run off to your girlfriend or «girl-friends» and interrogate them on the truth of this, don’t. Because most women don’t even know that they’re doing it, and it’s mostly done unconscious. Sometime, girls do consciously test guys, but majority of the time it’s unconscious. And trust me when I say girls are far more calculating then most men would ever be, at least when it comes to dating and relationship.

So why do girls test guys?

It’s really simple girls test guys to see what she can get away with, and how far will the guy comply with their childish or what I like to call the «hot girl syndrome» behaviors.

Sex sells, and beauty is valued. In our society and especially in North America people tents to think that beautiful and attractive people are friendlier, more likable, and usually more successful. And we let them get away with a lot more things that we normally wouldn’t with an average person.

And the hotter the girl the more guys there are that will let them get with with being a brat. Hot attractive girls are spoiled ever since they were just a little girl. They were spoil by their parents and relatives, and even if they were not, they’re spoiled by pretty much every single guy that they have ever encounter in their life.

I’m sure you have done it, I know I have. I mean when you were young have you ever secretly admire the super popular very cute girl in your school, and hoping that she would like you or worse just to notice you?
Ok, great so you do know what I mean. Man, I still remember her name. Anyway my point is that hot girls are used to having guys treat them like queens. And when they do meet a man who doesn’t allow them to have their ways, they will use all sorts of bratty behaviors just to get him to comply with them. And if he does, then he has just failed her shit test.
Now that we have a good idea of why girls tests men, let’s talk about how you deal with them when it happens. The thing you have to know about these tests that girls would throw out is that they will never end, it is just how girls are and you cannot change it.

The only way to stop getting shit tested by girls is to NEVER EVER interact with a girl ever again, and I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

Anyway, what most guys usually do when they are being tested is 2 things. They either shrink back and apologize to her, or they get nervous, angry, or mad at her and try to ignore her. Both ways equals fail, and both ways doesn’t work.

When a girl tests you what she is really doing is trying to get a reaction out of you, whether is to get you mad or get you to apologize either way she has gotten what she wanted. What you should do instead is not to react; if she tests you just make fun of it. Say something like «omg! Your so cute when you’re trying to get my attention» or whatever, the point is to let her know that you know what she’s doing and you’re not going to buy in to her bad behaviors.

The funny thing is the more a guy is unreceptive to a girls test the more she will be attracted to him, why? Because he is different from every other guy, and that his a man who can stay in control and girls love that.

Anyway, just keep an eye out for these tests that girls will throw at you, and be ready for them. Don’t worry or panic, and especially don’t get yourself nervous by always thinking that she is out to get you with her tests, because she is not.